STANDARD AUCTIONS LIVE ON THE INTERNET  AuctioLive with video-streaming

The auctioning software gives auctioneers the possibility to announce auctions on the internet with all relevant details. They can also import their lot, so that registered users can make preliminary bids.

AuctioLive offers a number of import and export functions for easy auction management. 

Your customers can follow the auction online as it happens, they can make bids and they can win the lots directly! The big advantage of live auctions: Your auction takes place worldwide – and in real-time! Your customers will find the usability of the auctioning software AuctioLive easy as well as comfortable and it will enable them to take part in the auction without actually being on the site.

Thereby they avoid waiting for a desired lot. Live auctions continue to become of interest for the growing generation of bidders, as they are perfectly made for being presented on the internet. By offering live auctions you, as an auctioneers, keep raising the awareness of your consignors and bidders. AuctioLive is ideally combinable with AuctioOffice, which supports you in managing complex auctions in the backoffice.

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