Company history Bidpath GmbH

Software for auctions and auction management

Bidpath GmbH is the leading provider of auctioning software in Germany and Austria. For over 20 years, Bidpath GmbH has gathered experience in auctions and software development. Numerous auctioneers from various branches appreciate the modularity and the quality of our auctioning software. At the moment we offer the following software products:

AuctioOffice: Software for the comprehensive management of auctions

AuctioWeb: Software for standard and timed online auctions

AuctioLive: Software for live auctions via via videostream

Furthermore extensions (modules) are offered to adapt  our software products to your needs (i.e. newsletter, expertise module)

  • 1992 Foundation of NetZone GmbH – provider for intranet- and ticketing-software in Nuremburg
  • 1998 Development of first auctioning software Auktionator 98 (ERP Software)
  • 2001 Further development of auctioning software and completion of Auktionator 2001 (ERP software)
  • 2001 One of the first live auctions on the internet is carried out by Auktionshaus Bergmann from Erlangen (October 13-16) with WebAuktionator, the predecessor of AuctioLive.
  • 2002 The first timed auctions are carried out being labelled Netzone|Etrade
  • 2005 First installation of Auktionator | NET (predecessor of AuctioOffice) by Auktionshaus Dannenberg, Berlin
  • 2007/2008 New version of WebAuktionator (for standard and timed auctions)
  • 2009 The first Swiss customer – Swissbid – uses an auctioning software by NetZone in November 
  • 2012 NetZone GmbH merges into Kommunikationsagentur Schultze. Walther. Zahel., a full-service-agency in Nuremberg
  • 2012 AuctioNovo GmbH is hived off Kommunikationsagentur SWZ, with the headoffice in Dresden and a branch in Nuremberg. AuctioNovo GmbH focuses entirely on the further development of the software products. Mr. Harry Ralf Herrling is appointed Managing Director.
  • 2013 Starting in November, auctioneers can now carry out standard and timed auctions with the frontend software AuctioWeb. AuctioLive makes live auctions online possible.
  • 2014 The auctioning software AuctioOffice – successor of Auktionator | NET  is finished.
  • 2015 Development of new modules for for AuctioWeb: responsive webdesign and newsletter.
  • 2015 The branch office Nuremburg moves into a new office in Eckental-Nuremberg
  • 2017 Development of an online shop as a module for AuctioWeb.
  • 2018 Development of AuctioCash a cash register system.
  • 2019 Further development of the live auctions AuctioLive for Responsive Webdesign and HTML5 for.
  • 2019 As part of its strategic growth, AuctioNovo becomes part of Bidpath, one of the world’s leading auction software companies with offices in the UK, US, South Africa and Australia.
  • 2021 AuctioNovo GmbH is renamed Bidpath GmbH.