Website creation for auctioneers

When implementing our auctioning software AuctioWeb, we are also able to create an appropriate website for you. In doing so, our experienced designers and developers will put your business and services at the centre of attention.

We design your website | examples:

  • Website creation in combination with our software AuctioWeb
  • Design focus: your business, auction announcement, catalogues, lot highlights, lot details, live auctions, etc.
  • Embracing your corporate design
  • SEO-ready
  • Responsive design

Our auctioning software AuctioWeb is the basis when it comes to designing the websites of auctioneers. The technical features of the software AuctioWe, set the framework for the creation process of your website.

In the process we are considering many aspects, i.e. the professional appearance of your business on the internet, presentation of catalogues with an integrated search function, detailed lot description including images, auction announcements, slider features, etc.

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